Dealer Of Hostility
Under Surveillance
Seeds Of Hate
Twist Of Fate
Killing Machine
My Haunted Self
Invincible Force
Snow Red
Hollow March
Factor: Misery
Angel's Holocaust
Shine On
We Are One
Hymn to the Brave
Tears of Taragon
Holy Knight
Another Day
Warriors of Light
Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
Heart of the Brave
Kingdom Come
The King of the Crystal Empire
Rise Up
Call of Fame
Heart of the Rainbow
The Quest
Palace of Fantasy
The Wanderer
Metal Invasion
Flying High
Ages of Power
Bleeding Heart
Life Without Sense
United By Hatred
Eternal Ban
The Final Curtain
Outbreak Of Evil
Bloody Corpse
Hatred Of The Gods
Sepulchral Voice
Sow The Seeds Of Discord
Wander In The Valley
Suicidal Justice
Hazy Shade Of Winter
Proctelytism Real
Brundish The Sceptre
Deathlike Silence
Machinery Of Lies
Tears Of Blood
Devastation Of Your Soul
The Butcher Strikes Back
World Domination Of Pain
X-treme Measures
Total Desaster 2000
Visual Prostitution
Nailed To The Cross
Dictators Of Cruelty
Bullets From Hell
Strangulated Pride
Meet Your Destiny
Creations Of The Underworld
Godfather Of Slander
Let Your Mind Rot
The Heretic
Fuck The U.S.A.
The Ravenous Beast
Metal Discharge
Rippin' The Flesh Apart
Fear Of The Moment
Mortal Remains
Desecrators Of The New Age
Historical Force Feed
Savage Symphony Of Terror
Made To Be Broken
Soul Collector
The Defiance Will Remain
The Alliance Of Hellhoundz
No Man's Land
Tarred And Feathered
Master Of Disguise
Schwerter zu Pflugscharen
Hey, Hey, Hey Rock'n Roll Star
Code Red
What Hell Can Create
Spiritual Demise
Warlike Cnspiracy

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