Lost In The Twilight Hall

Awaiting my last breath the mirror calls my name
it's showing me the way into the dark the bridge appears
I jump into the dark side and hear the voice it's cold as ice
"Welcome to reality"

Where am I now?
Darkness surrounds can't go forward can't go back

I see planets dying
I fall into the light
A new universe awakes
I'm a Traveler in Time
Pray for the light
Where's the key
To the gate
Of a new life - no
I search for deliverance
But I cannot find

Look behind the mirror
I'm lost in the twilight hall
Once I'll be back for a moment in time
That's when the mirror's falling down

Take me away from the place I've been to another life in another world
A sign of life surrounds me now
The bridge appears in the dark
I'm free
I fly alone leaving the darkness now, forever?
The memories of children and the wisdom of many lifes
Burns deep in me
Where will the light go to?
Where will the light go to?
Is this deliverance?
Is it the end?

I'm back there's a new chance for me and all my memories are gone
I can feel what's happening to me and the mirrow will burst

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