Cyber Hero

You are the true defender
Bristling with guns
Chosen by the gods
To save the land
Become a mighty wizard
With powers beyond believe
The ultimate adventure
Is at hand

Pull out the shotgun
Upraise the sword
Pick up the blaster
Once you're restored

Load your game and
Slip into another life
Chose your weapons
And survive
Step across the borders
Into different orders
Save your game
And play again
Cyber hero

Gird yourself for the battle
Get on your mighty steed
You are sheer invincible
A bringer of defeat
Savior of the universe
Protected by the force
Fighting 'til the end
Without remorse

Destroy the monsters
Strike down the foe
Repel the demons
And hit "Control"

Load your game and
Slip into another life

And by your cyber hand
You put it to an end
Your guns are blazing
At your command
You bring deliverance
To the land
The spawn of hell
Screams in rage
'Cause you're about to win
The final stage

Load your game and
Slip into another life

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