Black Metal Must Be...!!!

Black Metal is not for humans
Black Metal can not be white
Black Metal is anti-future
Black Metal is anti-life
We attack by anti-human Black Metal!!!
With frenzy and pernicious knowledge
Others will not increase the evil
We breathe by chaos and devour what we create
We were born by ourselves
Darkness is devoted to us
We don't fight for territory and souls
We don't feel human wishes
Our aspirations are not clear to humans
We are the blind sharp-sighted
We destroy without selection - just die fast!
We don't need your last sight and your thickened blood
We don't dance on enemy's funerals
We already shall far from it
We lynch the all white and blacken the black
To breathe only by blackness
Hatred is just a weapon
It's not a supreme mystery
We don't live the traces
For your traces we have the nails
We shall drive them without a hammer
For your wounds we have a salt
For your eyes we have an acid
For your prays we have necrologies
Your future is not in your hands
It is under our guillotine
Kill your child now to save him
Surrounded by enemies are the most protected
Create the enemies, create the war
Kill now, kill always
Black Metal must be"!!!

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