World Of Fantasy

I'm reaching out to find a reason
To find an answer and relief
I see a world so strange and cold
I see a world of rules and thieves
The day you're born you're under pressure
Your life is well prepared my friend
They surely teach you what to think how to
behave until the end

All I ever wanted is a little piece of life
In a world where I decide things on my own
All I ever needed is a little piece of hope
And then things are gonna turn the other way

I'm living in a world of fantasy
Reality ain´t good enough for me
And all that I can feel is nothing but sobriety
I'm living in a world of fantasy
Reality ain't meant or made for me
All that I see is so unreal

And once you're old enough they teach you
Not to be wishful not to care
About the plan that's been already made for you
by other hands
But when you fail there's no one out there

To take your hand to catch your tears
The whole construction we have built leaves no
such room for blinding fears

I wonder I wonder if I can handle it all
I wonder I wonder if I can carry the weight of
the world

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