In the end it's all
My fault

And so I say nothing
So you say nothing
In the end there's nothing at all

General Routine
God from the machine

You ain't gonna fuck my brain

Your hands in the open air
I'm to blame, but I don't care
Crush down heaven to the earth
This won't bring back your wasted years

They all served good and long and still
For sure they can't find peace until
We cut you and we see no blood
Come on, let's do it, fill the cup

A substitute for your own pain
We cut 'em all, but all in vein
The higher dose, the General
Were they bad things after all?

Faint-hearted schism
You are standing there, unbound
No rights, no left turn, nothing left to learn

I don't want to make friends
I'm not here to please you
I don't want to play a game
All I want to do to you is what you did to me

You are bound in many ways
But when it comes to run away
You've got the speed and the drive
Of a goddamn train


Under pressure
Under control
Feeding the living
With the limbs of the dead

Long before the dawning
Longing for the fall
Hell, we keep the motor humming
I am humming, running dry

Black, on fire, arrows
Aiming in the sky
Searching for a shelter, home
Hiding from each other's pain

Wake me, take me
Turn around and hate me
I may not be good company
But I can kill your apathy

Near the end of the stay
Near the bottom of the line
We all follow the animal
And escape the pain

Now tell me more about the girl
That I'm supposed to be
Sometimes it seems I've had enough
To make me walk away

If this is what you want
Then this is what you want
Who would even bother?
Say, who wouldn't want it, too?

Love controls with silence
As it does with words
You used to say that I have fire
Now you're gonna see me burn

Bleeding desire
Beat inside, outside memory
Burning empire
Like a fever turning blood into fire

What I fake
In my head
I go

Now is just
A matter of time
And we are less
Than a moment
Of high tension
Once bitten, twice shy

One is wrong and almost done
One is one plus one plus one
One is one more than just none
Another is just one
Another is just one

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