So You Disappear

I breathe the scent of your hair
Your emerald eyes are closed
There´s still some music in the air
Feels like time no more flows

We sit, you´re in my arms
Watching the first daylight gleam
You say: "I like your warmth"
A voice just in a dream

In chaos waters I do swim
And you´re the stone one´s thrown into
A frail creature now gets dim
As the gold turns into blue

Made me think you were so damn near
Like a bright shining star
But reaching out you disappeared
For real you are so very far

I was dreaming of the wind
I was dreaming like a child
A prince and princess fairy tale
And so you disappear

I was dreaming of the fire
Of the time when it was wild
I was dreaming far too sweet
And so you disappear

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