24 Year Party Dungeon

Back in the mid 80's, Mr Fritzl had a plan
With bricks and mortar, build a cell fit for his daughter
No room to stand, no need she'll be on her back mostly
Prepare for winky, it's coming for you and it bears a tash

On holiday, he suns himself in Eastern-Asia
He's calm as fuck, he knows the screams and pain will go unhear

She'll see, his evil pee-pee
See, his evil pee-pee

..my-daughter-i-must-ride-her-leave-my -semen-deep-inside-her-i-can't-think-how..-i-could-be-kinder

Wet against her will, TIGHT!

Hello Lizzy lets get busy, want some jizzy?
Spunk! Joseph!

Joseph, Fritzl, Fritzl, He is nice, Joe, Fritzl

She'll see, his evil pee-pee
See, his evil pee-pee

24 Year party dungeon, 24 house of fun
Find dead babies in the oven, mutant children starved of sun.

First i plant my inbred seed, then i go to K-F-fucking C


I eat chicken when i pump her fud, i love chicken, yum yum nice
Zinger tower gives me the power, to deflower my own kids

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