Maniacal Miscreation

Intro: "It's shite being scottish. We're the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking earth."

Carve a path unto obsidian - Insane creation of an abscessed mind
Cities crumble in your wake -Have a cookie geez a sookie you cunt!


Fuck the weak, kill the meak - Pustule broke on top of me
Engorgement of worlds
Flesh, muscle, sewn on bone - A full monstrosity..
Created by a nut, stitching skin and surgical cuts - Abomination of man
Scream, yelp, you can't run
Death has come for you and me!

Buildings are laid to waste, Now you are free
Existence is fucking screwed, Creation will cease to be!

Combustion at your feet
- They are all.. DEAD!

You'll get fucking jabbed!

Cryogenic, rotting chamber -Where you once laid like a stillborn wean
Came to life, killed creator - Severed heads are filled with shame


Smash the city - cut them down to the ground
Suck the titty - crimp one off when you cough


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