The Bald Cadaver

You disgust me

The bald cadaver, she is mine
I will lick this rotting cunt
False messiah, she is legion
Time has come to burn them all

Maggots infesting her hole
Devour her insides!

They writhe inside your body
With glee they eat your organs raw

Bow to me, ripping entrails, severed torso
Feel my creed, body dead, fuck the head

You are here to die, before me
I will consume you, fuck you, you are dead!

(Cancer ridden flesh)
It is tore, on the floor
Stamp on your face

All your children lye in waiting, you will have your means no more..

You are, a marie curie bitch
Colour of pee, big tits, racist

Fuck the skin dome,
To continue, I must sever, inches from you

Now, you see
Death has come for you and not for me
She is weak, at your peak

Trim back, the bed sheet, show me, your balding head
In comes, junkie mom, she gets, fucked up

You are the vermin of this earth
You can't understand it's your time
I decimate your bloody corpse
Peeling back your skin I ejaculate on your face

Lived here, died here, now you're gone

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